Detail View 1959 - Edsel Corsair Cabriolet - 1 von nur 1'343 !
Detail View 2005 - MG XPower SV-R Supersportwagen - 1 von 23 !!!
Detail View 1920 - Stephens Salient Six Roadster Model 82
Stephens built 224cui OHV Engine with 57hp (earlier cars had Continental engines), 3-speed, red/black fenders (older repaint in nicely patinated condition), black original leather, all original working instruments, in good running condition, all correct parts, rebuilt electric starter, new correct tires, the Moline Plow Company built Stephens Automobiles only from 1916-1924, VERY RARE ANTIQUE CAR !, car located since 19 years in private collection in Switzerland / Europe, trade of US-Car possible - we are open to your proposal, please contact us for honest detailed description and additional pictures in higher resolution. Thank you. 
Detail View 1950 - Buick Special Deluxe Jetback 2 Door Sedanette
Detail View 1972 - Auburn 866 Boattail Speedster by Glen Pray
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